Buffer is a “smarter way to share”


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Buffer is a “smarter way to share”


Buffer’s tag-line is that Buffer is a “smarter way to share”.  I will show you how that is true using Twitter. Buffer is a time management tool that will enable you to build a community while managing your cursory reading to stay current.

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Twitter builds relationships with new patients and deepens relationships with on-going patients.  Twitter’s 140 character limit to each tweet means that people do not feel imposed upon when they follow your practice.  Of course, they might never see your tweets if they have an active Twitter feed.

The danger is that your followers may never see the good content that you are sharing.  They can end up forgetting about you as a result.  Another mistake that Tweeple (Twitter people) make is that they can flood their followers with a string of tweets.  Too much of a good thing can turn off even the most ardent follower.

Consistency is one of the anchors of truly great social media.

Buffer (www.Buffer.com) is an app (application) which helps you to reach out to your followers when they are likely to be checking their Twitter stream.   Buffer puts you back in control of your time rather than the other way around.  Buffer allows you to use the power of social media efficiently.

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Buffer chooses the best time of day when your followers are likely to read their Twitter feed.  You use schedule your tweets through Buffer.  These tweets are then released at these pre-arranged times during the day.  Your tweets become more accessible by being there when your readers are.

I use Buffer for Twitter.  The ability to “set and forget” my tweets enables me to focus on the content that I am sharing rather than the process of sharing the content.  I read what I may be sharing once a day, select the final cut and click the Buffer button built into my browser that was installed using the Buffer app.  That’s it!

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Later in the day I can go directly on Twitter and answer comments, questions and show appreciations to people that have retweeted my content.   My tweeting has been relatively effortless since I started using Buffer.

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The basic Buffer package enables you to schedule ten tweets and is free.  You can pay more to schedule more content.  Buffer supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.  You can also use Buffer to schedule content- sharing on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Buffer has come up with an iPhone app for people on the go.  Buffer even gives you an analytics package so that you can review your impact on your followers…if you have time!

I believe that Buffer is a “smarter way to share”.  You can find Buffer on Twitter: @bufferapp.  I would love to learn about your experiences with Buffer so be sure to make a comment at the end of this blog-post.

David Nordella guest-posts for www.LADezign.comwww.ProviderFinance411.com  does not provide social media advice.  We are adding our guest-posts from www.LADezign.com to www.providerfinance411.com/blog/ on Fridays so that you may learn more about social media and how it can benefit your practice.

Any conversation about finance that does not recognize the primacy of revenue is a farce.  Social media is the best way to acquire new patients and therefore more revenue.  We provide a link to www.LADezign.com  solely as a service to our readers.  We do not participate in affiliate marketing with www.LADezign.com.

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